L.F. Harris & Associates, CPA, PA and it’s predecessors’ firm have been a legal entity providing continuous public accounting services since 1989.  The firm, located at 3012 E. Robinson Street, Orlando, Florida is registered with the State of Florida Department of Professional Regulations.

Independence is a hallmark of our profession.  In the public sector, perception is extremely important.  Therefore, independent auditors must exercise the utmost care in the performance of their duties.  We encourage our staff to use professional judgment in situations where our independence could be impaired or the perception of any conflict of interest might exist.

L.F. Harris and Associates, CPA, PA serves a varied list of clients, consisting of corporations, partnerships, federal and state entities, estates, individuals, and the public sector.  We provide an extensive array of services to the public sector including auditing, accounting, tax, and business advisory services.

The Firm has demonstrated its compliance with the quality control procedures established by the Peer Review Board of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), by receiving an unqualified opinion in its last peer review.

The personnel at L.F. Harris and Associates, CPA, PA is committed to professional quality performance and accustomed to providing a high level of proactive service and client satisfaction.  L.F. Harris and Associates, CPA, PA has adopted a more stringent Continuing Professional Education (CPE) policy than that set forth in the Government Auditing Standards.  These standards require that professional staff complete 24 hours of CPE in government courses every two years.  Members of staff are not permitted to work on a non-profit or government engagement until they have received at least 24 hours of government training.  In addition, our government staff are required to complete at least eight hours of government courses each year.

L.F. Harris & Associates, CPA, PA has a loyal, dedicated and experienced team who are committed to striving for excellence in all aspects of their work and extra curricular activities, including community service.  We are extremely proud of our team.  Their credentials and their characters are superb.

Our office is located at 3012 E Robinson Street, Orlando, Florida, and is equipped with the latest software for audits, financial statements, consulting, tax preparation, and business planning.  We utilize a wide variety of software to enhance efficiency.  Our auditing and accounting software packages allow us to develop audit programs, select samples, prepare supporting workpapers, and perform a variety of analytical procedures.

There has been no litigation whereby a court has ruled against the firm in any matter related to the professional activities of the firm.  There are no known criminal proceedings in which our firm is a defendant.  To the best of our knowledge there are no proceedings being conducted by state boards or other agencies relating to our professional practice on which any of our professional staff is a defendant.  L.F. Harris & Associates, CPA, PA maintains professional liability insurance coverage.